1. How much do loans sell for?

There are a lot of variables to consider when selling loans on the CRA Note Exchange, such as the terms of the loan, the location of the property or the type of entity that you sell to.  For example, some non-profits have 0% loans. They can expect to receive bids in a range of 60-85% of the total remaining balance of the loan, while in some rare instances, banks buy 0% interest rate loans at par or for the full balance.


2. What Fees ARE associated with using the CRA NOte exchange?


There are two types of fees you can expect to see when using the Exchange: (1) an upfront due diligence fee; and (2) a backend success fee. Our team of seasoned professionals will review, stack and supplement your loan documents in an effort to get the best price possible for your loans.


Due Diligence and Review:

For newly originated loans (normally those originated on or after October 3rd, 2015): $195

Seasoned loans (before October 3rd 2015): $595

Fees may also vary depending on the type of documents that may need to be supplemented


Successful Sale:

Upon a successful sale, the Affiliate will be accessed a 4% fee on the total selling price of the loan or loans.



3. Can I retain Servicing for the loans I sell?

Yes, commonly you are able to sell your loans while retaining the servicing rights.  However, in some cases, the bidder may require you to sell the loans “servicing released” in order to garner the highest bid price.

4. Can I step in if the loan becomes delinquent?

In many cases the successful bidder of your loans will request a “life of the loan buy back provision” in the event your Borrower defaults.  This life of the loan buyback provision not only makes your loan more valuable on the secondary market but also allows you to step in and assist your families if the loan becomes delinquent.

5. Who is CBC Mortgage agency?

CBC Mortgage Agency (CBCMA) is a Native-American, public purpose driven, subdivision of a federally chartered tribal corporation, with a primary mission of fostering responsible and sustainable home-ownership for low to moderate income borrowers nationwide.  CBCMA accomplishes this mission by operating the Chenoa Fund which is an affordable down payment assistance program (“DPA”) administered in the form of second mortgages on either FHA insured loans or conventional loans. CBCMA partners with mortgage originators on a Correspondent Lender basis to provide these loans for home buyers. CBCMA created the CRA Note Exchange to create a platform to sell its down payment assistance 2nd mortgage paper. As buyers have expressed interest in all types of paper, CBCMA decided to open up the network to other purpose driven entities to help create liquidity and further their missions.